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Flooring & Vinyls

As well as carpets, we also stock 3 types of flooring for your home; Solid Wood, Laminate and Vinyl. Each have there own particular advantages, to discuss which is best suited to your requirements, please give us a call on 01993 703833 or pop in and see us.

Laminate Flooring
If you are keen to incorporate laminate flooring into your home you will be glad to know we have a wide variety of laminate floors to choose from.

Whether you want to lay down flooring in your living room, kitchen or dining room, there are hundreds of products to select from, so you are bound to find something that is suitable for your needs.

The high quality laminated flooring brands we supply are known for excellent laminate flooring.

Laminate floors take on the appearance of real wood, so if you've a specific preference for walnut, ash, pine, oak, maple or beech then getting flooring of these species in laminate flooring can be done easily.

There are also a range of thicknesses available, so whether you want laminate flooring that measures some 7 mm thick or after something even sturdier - perhaps a 12 mm product.

Vinyl Flooring & Linoleum Floor Tiles
Vinyl flooring is a product that has come a long way in recent years, with new developments meaning that it can offer more durability and style than older types of vinyl linoleum flooring.

In particular, advancements in design and technology mean that vinyl floors can suit whatever style you are looking for. These can include appearances such as wood effect or tile effect vinyl flooring or even plain vinyl flooring if you would prefer.

Vinyl is waterproof and easy to clean, which makes it highly suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, where water, food and cleaning materials are among the many things that may be spilt but will not damage this material.

Perhaps just as importantly, vinyl lino flooring is tough and resists plenty of wear and tear, while still being gentle on the feet.

And all this comes in a sheet, roll or covering at a highly affordable cost, making cheap vinyl flooring an economical choice as well as a practical one.

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