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Why choose carpet?
The look of a well fitted carpet will enhance your room. It is attractive to look at, and offers the natural feel of a luxury natural textile. Carpet has a natural built in insulation for maintaining warmth and reducing unwanted noise from around your home. A wide choice of fashionable colours and textures is available to suit individual tastes. If treated sensibly a carpet will stay looking attractive and give years of service.

Choosing the right carpet for your needs
Carpet durability is dependant on purchasing the correct carpet for the floor area you wish to cover. The carpet pile itself, the fibre, the weight of the fibre, and the density of the pile, will all contribute to the performance of the carpet. We have a great choice of carpets, available in various weights indicated as follows:

  • Medium Domestic Carpet
    Medium Domestic quality carpet is suitable for light use areas of the home, for example, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, and Studies etc.

  • Heavy Domestic Carpet
    Heavy Domestic quality carpet is suitable for all areas of the home including Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and Studies.

  • Extra Heavy Domestic Carpet
    Extra Heavy Domestic quality carpet is suitable for all areas of the home.

The carpet colour and texture is very much a personal choice. Whether you choose a plain or berber mixture, a loop pile or a patterned, you can be sure that it will give any room a great look.

Choosing your carpet by texture
The texture of carpet you require will affect the overall look of your room.  This is entirely a personal choice so care should be taken to select the correct textured carpet for your requirements. As a guide, carpet textures are available in twist pile, loop pile, woven Axminster, velvet,and saxony.

  • Twist pile carpets are the most popular. The majority twist pile carpets have a high wool content which gives the carpet great durability. Plain, Berber, tweed and tonal carpets are all available as twist pile carpet.

  • Loop pile carpets give a contemporary look and are available in 100% wool and a mix of wool and other fibres. Like all carpets, a loop pile carpet will perform well if it is vacuumed regularly.

  • Choosing a woven Axminster carpet will create a real statement, with a pile finish that is easy on the eye and a finish that is pleasing to walk on.

  • Velvet pile carpet such as Wilton weave carpets, offer a degree of luxury in appearance. Due to the finish it can appear to be shady. This is however a natural characteristic of this carpet, which has a close construction with a short pile and smooth top.

  • Saxony carpet is a shorter length than shag pile and offer a different look, and more textured appearance.

Choosing your carpet by colour  
Carpets are on offer in a wide choice of colours and textures. It is always a good idea to obtain samples of paint colours and any other fabric finishes you are going to have in your room, together with samples of carpet. This will help you choose the colour of carpet most suitable for your home.

  • There are numerous plain colour carpets available for you to choose from, in a variety of textures including luxury Wilton weave carpets to suit the style of your home. If you can’t find the colour you are looking for, we can obtain the colour you need through our Choice Colours option. Details of this service is available by phoning our helpline.

  • Tonal carpet colours can be found in woven and tufted carpets. The process of using different shades of the same colour yarn creates small designs. This generates what the industry calls a tonal effect.

  • Heather, tweed and berber carpets give an ideal mix of yarn colours. Various colours can be found in the heather and tweed carpets giving a mottled appearance. Berber carpet offers different shades in neutral tones for a natural hand spun appearance.

  • Patterned Axminster carpets are available in rich and muted colour tones. The designs on offer are available in both traditional and modern. Alternatively you may want to be more adventurous and select one of our animal prints, or take advantage of our in house carpet design service. Details are available on request so please telephone our help line or alternatively email us by clicking on the email tab at the top of this page.  


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