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Carpet Underlay

Carpet underlay is a vital component of your new floor when you lay a carpet. However cosy, deep pile or tufted your new carpet is, it will benefit from having the extra support given by an underlay. A good carpet underlay will offer extra spring and comfort for your feet and can also provide insulation, both against sound and as a means of keeping your home warm.

The products we sell include specialised sound-proof carpet underlay, in which what is known as drum sound - the noise made by people walking across the floor - is subdued by the underlay material. A good example of when this carpet underlay could be useful is if you have a quiet room below a floor that many people will walk on, which could occur either in the home or in commercial premises.

The extra insulation of a good carpet underlay should also complement the similar qualities that a carpet will have, which put together will help to minimise heat loss, keeping your home or office warm and reducing heating costs.

Having a good underlay is also important to avoid what is known as pile flattening, where a lack of support means that the area of carpet most walked-on is compressed, leaving a section where the surface is flatter and lower than that around it. A good, springy carpet underlay will prevent this and our aim is to sell high quality products that guard against just such an instance.

Specific carpet underlays are often designed for a carpet made of a particular type of material. This even includes carpets made from material that we do not stock, so should you buy such a carpet, or if your existing underlay has a problem and needs replacing, you may find what you need from our product range.

Along with most products, finding the right sort of carpet underlay is not always a straightforward task and our experts are on hand to advise and answer your questions. Many carpet underlays need to be bound to the sub-floor, so it is important to get the right carpet underlay and adhesive depending on whether the subfloor is concrete or wooden.


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