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For many people Carpets are an essential addition to any home décor. However there are a lot of different variants in terms of carpets; whether it is in the type of material used to make them, the colours, dimensions or even the texture, you can always find one that is perfectly suited to your preferences.

Not only does carpeting look great, there are also a number of practical reasons to choose this flooring. It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable options available and is a particularly good choice during cold seasons when other flooring can be cold to walk on.

"Lots of choice, staff were very helpful and very patient with our indecisiveness! Once we finally decided on a carpet it was all fitted and finished within a week. They even took our old carpet away for us. We had a stairs and hallway carpet and the measurement they made were very efficient, with minimal wastage, and therefore cheaper for us!"

Carpets also work well around your design ideas for the rest of a room. A beautiful neutral coloured carpet, like cream or beige, provides a blank canvas and works well with most room decors. Whatever furniture you have in this room will stand out against such a luxurious, yet unimposing, background.

However you may want your carpet to compliment the design of the area it is fitted in and we have a wide range of carpets in many different colours and shades to fit in with the look of a room. In some areas the perfect style is actually one which will really stand out and our selection of deep reds, blues and greens give a luxurious feel to the area and look really distinctive. We also have a sumptuous range of gold carpets for a more distinguished take on a neutral shade.

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